The secrets to selling a lot of gym memberships


When I fist accepted a job as a sales associate at Extreme Fitness, I had little idea that I would sell over $1,000,000 in memberships. My own hype gave me confidence and the motivation to want to do good.

The first three months it was optional to choose between base or commission and after three months it was strictly commission. After an impressive/lucky first month, high in fake confidence I walked up to my managers office and asked to be on straight commission. This was nothing but a all or nothing approach.

How did I sell over 1M in gym memberships? The answer is leads, leads, leads. I had more than one way of generating leads and here are some of them:

1. Street Promo. I went out and handed people 10 day passes all the time. I approached them, talked to them and build relationships with these potential clients. Before moving on to the next one, I would get their numbers and tell them to expect a phone call from me in the next couple of days.I would also ask them to bring a friend with them.

2. Lead Boxes. I had relationships with many local businesses and I had lead boxes at their stores/restaurants. These lead boxes would generate me lead whether I was working or not. In exchange the owners would get a free membership as long as a minimum of ten leads per week were generated( 2 /10 buy)

3. Corporate Plans. Setting up new new cooperates plans is great because you are targeting more than one person at once. Also stay in touch and build a relationship with the companies that already have plans. Most new employees don’t know about their cooperate plans in the first couple of months and would sign up if they knew about it.

4. Web Leads. Online Classified Ads (KIJIJI, Craigslist List etc)

5. POS. (Point of Sale) Referrals at point of sale. Most people have close friends or family members they have probably talked about working out with and these ones are  the best type of leads.

My approach with my leads would be to call until they pretty much told me off or bought. To understand this job fully there are many things to consider. The call process, after the sale, the tour, the different kinds of approach for each lead generation method, how to over come rebuttals and so on. I will cover the whole position in about 10 different articles and if you read them all an follow my advice I guarantee you success.