Tests I have done for job interviews in Toronto

I graduated for business about a month ago from George Brown College in Toronto and the competition out there is not in a joking mood. The requirements for an entry level job are just as ridiculous as the amount of people applying for the job. That being said, you and I can complain all we want but the reality won’t change so we just have to keep trying. Anyways, I have had a bunch of interviews and the reason of this article is to give you an idea about the tests that a few companies have given me. The tests are really easy but to help you increase confidence before the interview here are some types of questions that most entry level jobs have tested me on.

Company XYZ has $850,000 in revenue per year.  To print quarterly reports, it costs them 3.25% of the revenue for the first 1000 pages; 2.58% for the following 3000 pages, and the 5000 pages after that are prorated and charged at 1.6%. What is the yearly cost if the report is 4850 pages long?

Jimmy had to buy 900 hot dogs, 900 buns and 900 milk. He found the hotdogs at 2.76 by the dozen, buns 1.29 per dozen and milk 43 cents by the dozen. (Just realized how cheap that is) Jimmy got lazy and waited last minute so prices changed. He purchased the hot dogs at 2.81 by the dozen, buns 1.29 by the dozen and milk 45 cents by the dozen. What is the price difference?

12 books cost $6. What will be the cost for 35 books, if you apply a 10% discount after the first 25?


These are the simple tests. The easier the tests, the less the job pays. The better jobs give you excel spread sheets and cases to solve. I can honestly say that I enjoy those and I have done more projects for companies that I don’t work for than I ever did for school or my actual job.

While continuing to apply for jobs I will highly recommend upgrading your skills through online learning or whatever you prefer. Having a diploma or a degree doesn’t cut it anymore and you have to keep learning.  As an example if you are an expert at Excel or Excel VBA that will put you ahead of competition as most jobs require it. I am not sure how the hiring process was before, but in today’s world you will be asked and tested on your skills before the job is offered to you.