Things you should know about Creatine

Picture by: John Jeddore

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What is creatine?  Creatine is a  nitrogenous organic acid. It occurs naturally in the vertebrates and it supplies energy to all cells in the body including muscles. A lot of different kind of athletes and bodybuilders take creatine supplements to help with muscle growth, as well as it increases your strength and power.

When taking creatine:

  • make sure to drink lots of water or else you will be very dehydrated.
  • you need to make sure that you cycle it or else you will damage your kidneys
  • do not take caffeine
  • if you take too much our body may stop producing its own natural creatine
  • the second you stop taking creating you will lose most of the water weight that you gained
  • you can train better when taking creatine so the results will come faster. It will not get you big!
  • if you decide to take it, you must be prepared to push yourself at 150%
  • You will gain on average 2-4 pounds in the first week.
  • mix it with your protein. It helps with observation
  •  95% of the creatine in your body is found in the skeletal muscle tissue.

…or else you will damage your kidneys.

– creatine in humans is create in the liver, kidneys and pancreas. You need to take a lot of creatine before there is any left to go into the muscle and a lot of it will come out from your urine.

It is a good thing that you are doing your research before taking a product. Always do your research. Ask the trainers at your gym. They love to talk about his stuff.

(Methylguanidoacetic Acid: C4H9N3O2)

  • Julio Xhulio Vasiu

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