7 Life Hacks That Will Give You Super Powers

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7 Life Hacks That Will Give You Super Powers

  1. The power of Twitter. If you are not happy with a company for whatever reason, tweet them. They will reply back within 15 minutes because you have shared something negative  for the public to see. I once got sent to two different managers at my bank and nothing got resolved. I tweeted the bank and not only did I get the problem solved, I also got a letter from the regional vice-president explaining what happen. (Most likely not him)
  1. Coursera.Free online University. You can take online courses for free from top universities around the world. Harvard, Yale, Oxford and so on. It’s a nonprofit organization and in partnership with hundreds of top schools. Their long term mission is to make education a human right.
  1. Nexus 5 costs 1/2 of Galaxy S5 and the performance differences are barely noticeable.
  1. Get LinkedIn.Com. Even if you are currently employed get linked in. You will get job offers often. Connections are always a plus and you never know when you may need them.
  1. Make the sales person put in a lot of work and then walk away last minute because of price. What happens when you give a toy to a kid and than you take it away? The kid will most likely cry and try to get his toy back. The sales person will d the same thing to get the sale.

__6.   Shop for houses in winter. It is better to buy a house in the winter because people don’t like to leave the house

____much in the cold. When you find a house that you like you will not be bidding with many people.

  1. When canceling a service and they ask you why, say that you are leaving the country. They won’t even bother with you.