37 Rules all Men Must Know

37 Rules all Men Must Know

  1. Know what you want. Don’t go around asking for approval.
  2. Always love and respect your parents.
  3. Never cheat on your girlfriend/wife.
  4. On the bus always give up your seat to the elderly, pregnant women, and mothers with their kids.
  5. Don’t lend money to your family. Give it.
  6. Don’t put others down.
  7. Don’t participate in gossip.
  8. Exercise.
  9. At the gym wear nice clothes. You will interact with a lot of different kinds of professionals there and first impressions are everything.
  10. Don’t ever take selfies.
  11. In emails and texts don’t use short form.
  12. No matter how mad you may be at your family, keep it in the family.
  13. Don’t brag.
  14. Listen. Girls like to talk about themselves.
  15. Never use the term: “Shit happens.” Put in more efforts into comforting that person.
  16. If talking to someone you don’t want to, make a polite excuse and leave.
  17. Never talk religion with anyone. Keep it to yourself.
  18. Don’t follow others.
  19. Don’t waste your life away being on your phone and computer all the time.
  20. When making plans, call. Don’t text.
  21. Know how to fix things around the house.
  22. Don’t be intimidated by anyone.
  23. Know how to fight.
  24. Have hobbies.
  25. Don’t be afraid to go and watch a movie alone.
  26. Learn to be patient and relaxed.
  27. Never stop learning new skills.
  28. Read books and keep the mind fresh.
  29. Read the newspaper.
  30. When your parents don’t make any sense, put up with it anyways. Its too hard for them to change at this age.
  31. Never split the check. Always pay it.
  32. Play chess at least twice a week. Keeps the mind super fresh.
  33. Buy your mom flowers for no reason.
  34. Own a pair of expensive sunglasses, gloves and nice scarf.
  35. Own at least two nice watches.
  36. Use a money clip. Not a wallet.
  37. Don’t buy things you can’t afford.

You don’t have to agree with this rules but these are all characteristics of a good man.

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  • PredeKing

    Don’t pay attention to silly internet lists

    • chrism

      These are accually some good life lessons to live By other wise you may end up a Douch Bag

      • Julio Xhulio Vasiu

        I am glad you enjoyed reading the post Chris. Its people like you that motivate me to write 🙂

        • Matthew Malpeli

          It’s writers like you that motivate me to avoid lists.

          • Xhulio

            That makes not sense, You’re an idiot.

      • True !

  • bakamonosan

    Only 37? I need more rules telling me how I can be a ‘good man’. Without them, how can I possibly become a good man?

    • zoumonkie

      Read rule #1

  • MGTOW 4Ever

    Don’t cheat on your SO.. Lol how about no SO and I get to keep my money.

  • Bob Jennings

    Number 1 seems counter-intuitive to listening to the rest of the 36 rules…

    Some of these are not bad but some are horrible. Nice clothes at the gym, come on bro I am there to get swole not network.

    • Chris M

      I belive nice Clothing mean nice Gym Clothing and you never know when you are going to meet some one who could change your life

      • keyplayer

        a jock and shorts — what else would you need? Unless the gym is run by Martha!

    • K

      #38. never use the word swole

      • Bob Jennings

        swole bitch… SWOLE!

    • Wha?

      Swole? Yea #38 for real. Lmao… swole.

      • Bob Jennings

        I always wonder if people who don’t get sarcasm are just stupid or oblivious.

  • Realms

    I agree with most of these. Except I travel alot and do take a selfie every once in awhile. Its a generational thing. Also I prefer a wallet over a money clip.

  • Law ‘n order

    What exactly is a money clip, and why would I want one in addition to the wallet I need for credit cards, driver’s licence, etc?

    • TripleT

      More Organized. It is also big enough for you to carry all the necessary plastic you need.

      • Cobra Starfunkel

        I don’t know I’d rather use a wallet, I don’t like showing off all the money I have every time I need a dollar. Your just trying to impress people by doing that.

  • John

    There’s too many “don’t”s in this post. The brain thinks in “do”s. Thinking in “don’t”s just makes you think about the habit you’re trying to stop. a lot of goals fail because they involve trying not to do something. This seems like a trivial semantic difference but it makes all the difference to your brain, because you can either prime your subconscious for failure or accomplishing concrete goal. “don’t” is too abstract.

  • stumbler


  • Zeke

    Don’t tell me how to live my life

  • Big T

    #30 and #33 are repetitive. Other than that, not a bad list.

  • Chris

    Good list. Asides from 17, 29, 34, 35 and 36. Religious/Spiritual talk can be interesting with the right people. There is no reason to read the newspaper, it’s quite an outdated method of news, and wastes a lot of paper, and a lot of news is bullshit anyway. And the last three I mentioned, are just about materialism and looking good to impress other people, completely unnecessary.

    • Cojonas

      Totally agreed, sir !

  • Meh, not a good list.

  • Julio

    7 Today, 8 tomorrow and than all 37. Little by little.

  • Simpleman

    Never talk about religion? Then the gospel dies. If that’s the premise for the list, I’m out

  • Tallwheel

    If she has a job, then she’s damn well paying her half of the bill.

  • ZePreem

    Man this is a bag of boner cheese.

  • ZePreem

    Man this is a bag of boner cheese.

  • Mr. Malone

    Rule #38 take a college level writing class and learn how to make a list that isn’t redundant
    Rule #39 if you want people to take you seriously don’t post poorly written lists on the internet that call attention to your lack of truly knowledgeable skills

    • Michael

      #40. Don’t be a douche.
      #41. Learn how to give constructive criticism.
      #42. Merry Xmas.

  • Pepe

    A lot of the entries in this list are actually quite oudated. There are a handful of good ones but in general, this is just propaganda.

  • Nice list! Thanks for sharing. Do you think you’ll add any more?

  • jb

    This list contradicts #3… You’d get more women if you follow these rules… Where is hygiene in this list

  • Girius

    The “White Knight” rules about being subservient and paying for women are only going to get you used in life. Otherwise, this list is just a self-important windbag being a self-important windbag.

  • shahanur

    The “White Knight” rules about being subservient and paying for women
    are only going to get you used in life. Otherwise, this list is just a
    self-important windbag being a self-important windbag.WATCH LIVE

  • joe bisq

    this list is made by a woman

  • Flamingjockeyz

    These are just rules for life. None of these are specific to males. The whole thing seems kinda white knight-ish too. I half expected them to say “and don’t forget to tip your fedora at any female you are interested in.” at the end

  • Harry Xing

    Never talk religion with anyone. Keep it to yourself.and dont worry about the prepubescent boys sodomised by priests.The disease of religion, well, it’s reall none of your business and we don’t want to upset anyone , do we?

  • Ahmed Bibouda
  • Kevin Hazan

    38. dont read online how to live your life.

  • #3 needs to add husband. 😉

  • acgogo

    – don’t be an arrogant repressed poop.
    – learn some humility.
    – it’s ok to be vulnerable with those you trust.

  • acgogo

    ….oh, yeah and love is THE most important thing you will ever experience. Cherish it.

  • Amazing advice I will keep this not only in mind but favorite & bookmark his.

    thanks for sharing

    Greets Jon, http://www.jonthegold.com

  • Wha?

    Rule #1 A cigar and scotch doesn’t make you a man. They look like they’re playing dress up.

  • MM

    Some of these were contradictory and sound like they were written by a 17 year old who thinks he has life figured out.

  • We agree on a lot of what is written here