15 Life Lessons everyone should know.

Image: Hartwig HKD

Life is beautiful and full of every day lessons. We are always learning and questioning ourselves. At different stages of our life’s we think we finally know, we even laugh at our younger selves for thinking we knew, only to do the same thing later on.

  1. I have the answer for the most famous question asked during math class in high school: “When I’m I ever going to use this?” – In life. Life is math. You are using math for every decision you make in your life.
  2. The answer to find your dream job is somewhere in your childhood years when money was of no importance to you.
  3. If you are honorable, you will not forget those who sacrificed for you and try everything within your power to make at least some of their dreams come true. (Parents, family, close friends)
  4. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy freedom and freedom is what makes me happy.
  5. Any obstacles that you may face in life can be solved if you put in one hundred percent effort into solving that problem.
  6. Never procrastinate your life plans or allow anything to get in the way. Life might just pass you by and one day you might wake up only to realize how possible everything all was only had you put in a little more effort.
  7. Listen to the elder and try your best to learn from their mistakes. I myself am finding that I could have avoided many errors only if I had listen once in a while.
  8. When starting a new job follow the systems. You can ask questions to better understand them but don’t try to change it just yet until you have earned that right.
  9. Times will be good and times will be bad. When times are good you will have lots of friends. When times are bad you will only have a few friends. Remember those few friends. They are your only friends.
  10. I can’t believe I am saying but sometimes parents just know better.
  11. When going on vacation, they money that you are not making for not working shouldn’t count towards the cost of your vacation.
  12. When people try talk SH*T about your friends always protect them even if you may be mad at them for the time being. Your friends are a big reflection of who you are and how you are seen by others. You might as well just start talking SH*T about yourself.
  13. It doesn’t matter how old you are, your younger siblings will always have your habits. Protect them from your bad habits and guide them to have your good ones but never make decisions for them.
  14. When you overcome the fear of public speaking and improve your presentation skills life gets much easier.
  15. People say the world doesn’t revolve around you… Think about it… it kind of does. This is my world and that’s yours.