13 Running facts and tips that everyone must know

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Running Facts & Tips

I ran 15 KM with my friend Andrei today and I nearly died, but I felt good. I recently started to do a lot of cardio. I  haven’t went for a good run in a while and since the weather finally got nice its about time I start. I used to be part of X-Country, as well as track and field and I had so much energy when I used to go for intense runs 3-4 times per week. If you can, try your best to get your running done in the morning. It will get your metabolism started early and you will have energy through out the whole day

People who run 20 Miles + / Week:

  1. Have more energy through out the day
  2. Sleep Better
  3. Get longer workouts at the gym because they have higher endurance
  4. Our skeleton stays healthy which slows down the aging of our inside
  5. Reduces the risk of stroke, breast cancer etc…
  6. Helps you with cholesterol and blood pressure
  7. Reduces stress
… but one of them main reason why most people begin to run is because it helps with fat burn. You have to be careful though because if you only do running you will burn your muscles.

Tips on how you can became a better runner:

  1. Run a distance and time yourself. Than keep on running the same distance with one minute less than before.
  2. Chose a time and track the distance that you can cover in that time. Keep on trying to cover more distance with each run .
  3. The obvious: good music, running shoes, comfortable clothes, good diet, and bring water
  4. Run with a friend ; join a running community.
  5. Keep working out. Running will help you with the gym and the gym will help you with the running.
  6. Don’t forget to breath

You don’t like running? That is fine! You are talking to a guy who absolutely 100 percent hates cardio. I usually use about  100 different excuses to get out of it. Luckily had my friend Andrei who loves cardio and he pushed me. I am now starting to like it slowly. If I can find a way to like cardio that so can you..


Running Facts & Tips

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    I will start to run now. Thank you. :):):)